Does the word exercise make you cringe? It seems to pop up whenever you want to make some change in your life.

What does exercise mean and why does it make you cringe?

I believe it makes you cringe because of shows on TV like Zumba and Boot Camp where very fit people lead you in program with fast music and fit bodies saying “Move it or lose it”. These programs are fun and they do work but how do you get through the first one?

What is exercise? A dictionary definition is “Get Busy” in other words, to move. Exercise is simply moving. Orchestra or band leaders are very fit people and have a very low level of cholesterol and heart problems. Thank of that. All they move on a regular basis are their arms.

In the morning make it a habit to walk in place as you brush your teeth. Swing your arms overhead as you make your cup of coffee. Park your car as far away as possible to walk to the door. Take the stairs if you can. When shopping do not use the cart as though it was a walker. Stand up and walk while you push the cart not lean on it. In other words, move more than you are presently moving.

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