There are very few things that are harsher to the body and mind at rest than the piercing sound of an alarm clock waking you out of a restorative sleep. That sound can start your day off on a stressful note. Beginning the day like this can cause the natural release of adrenaline which increases the heart rate which then creates a cascade of other stressful conditions and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.

With smart phones and tablets you can set a wake-up call to the sound of birds chirping or music. If you want more energy put on music with a beat, if you want harmony, put on classical music.

When you take your morning shower take time to stretch your muscles. This wakes your body up but it also promotes blood flow which brings oxygen to all parts of your body providing energy and well being.

Eat a balanced breakfast.

Set your goals of the day. On the way to work listen to your ELS audio program.

When you get to your place of work, get rid of any clutter at your work place. Remind yourself of the daily goals and when on break or lunch listen to your audio program.

Again, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. Believe!