As the saying goes, great power comes with great responsibilities. Running a successful Fortune 500 corporation with a high number of employees is the dream for many in the business world. But it comes with a price and that price is often spent on the healthcare related costs involved with maintaining or improving the health of employees.

Many of the health issues stem from “lifestyle diseases” and therefore, with the proper care and assistance, these issues can be lessened or eliminated creating a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Using Effective Learning’s audio programs as the basis of your workplace wellness plan, or adding these programs to current wellness offering can help your organization in many ways.

The WiseGuide App can help:

Increase productivity

Lower health care costs

Lower stress levels

Increase company morale

Higher levels of motivation

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chronic diseases and the results of unhealthy lifestyle choices amount to roughly 75% of national health expenditure, and the number in working age adults is increasing. Effective Learning can help you tackle this epidemic and create a more productive, healthier, motivated workplace by either creating a custom wellness solution to match the needs of your specific organization and industry, or licensing the programs to add to your current wellness offering. Get started and see the motivation and happiness increase while the corporate spend goes down.

“Ever since I attended your seminars and workshops two years ago I have used the techniques you taught me in my personal life, and in my training programs at 3M…”

Jay Beecroft, 3M Company

Download the WiseGuide to access all your programs in one destination. Visit Effective Learning Systems to find a program just for you.