Everyone experiences fear, worry, and anxiety. But most of the time this is wasted energy and prevents us from achieving our goals and reaching our full potential. And in many cases it can be practically debilitating.

Through its powerful, adaptive curriculum The WiseGuide App can help you understand the cause of these fears, and then train your mind to conquer and eradicate the fears. It will help you enjoy a more enriching, complete and fearless life. Below we’ve listed a few of the programs that will guide you to overcome fears and worry. And we’ve also included a small sample for you to listen to before you start your free trial. 

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Are you shy? Do you wish you had more confidence? If so, this program is just right for you. It can help you recognize your own worth (which is far greater than you imagine or realize at this point). As you raise your confidence, you rid yourself of fear and you perform better at whatever you choose to do, and feel happier. You will command more respect and be more attractive to others. The time to start is now!

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Overcoming Worry

Mark Twain said, “I’ve had a lot of problems in my day–most of which never happened.” It’s been said that worry is interest paid in advance on a debt you may never owe. When people say, “Don’t worry,” it doesn’t help much, does it? It takes a little more than that. This tape lets you take a good look at the process we go through when we worry, points out how useless it is and helps you do something about it. You will be a happier, more positive, worry-free person.

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Conquering Fears And Anxiety

Most fears are irrational and result from childhood programming. Nevertheless, these fears are powerful and can rob us of much enjoyment and success. This audio program will help you overcome needless fears and anxiety so you can confidently do anything you choose and enjoy life more completely.

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Music Affirmations For Controlling Your Emotions

Improve your ability to handle anger, anxiety and difficult situations. These time-tested positive statements blended with specially selected music are specifically designed for BUSY PEOPLE. Within minutes it will lift your spirits and you will begin to enjoy the calm confidence of being in greater control of your emotions.

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Effective Meditations For Inner Peace And Happiness

Peace and happiness are yours with these easy techniques. Great for calming your mind and enabling you to reach and maintain a more positive, loving state of awareness and contentment. This program employs a type of Present Moment Meditation (also known as Vipassana Meditation) through which you’ll experience a wonderful state of relaxed awareness and learn to focus your consciousness and inner resources to program your mind to eliminate fears and anxiety.

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Overcome Fears And Anxiety…Auto-Matically

You will overcome the needless, irrational, but powerful fears that rob you of your success and ability to enjoy life. Gain the confidence and freedom you deserve by eliminating negativity completely. Designed to be used while you drive or during any activity, the powerful techniques in this program will transform your life.

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