The average person spends 30-50% of their life sleeping. Sleep is essential to survival. It replenishes the body and the mind, and prolongs your life. However, if you are not receiving the proper amount of sleep that your body and mind need – life can become a little stressful. You feel sluggish, you cannot think clearly, you cannot concentrate, and you cannot accomplish everything you need to.

Many people struggle with insomnia. Even if you don’t have insomnia, you may struggle getting to bed or staying asleep longer. It’s not only important to have the right time (hours) of sleep, but it’s also important to have sound, quality (deep) sleep as well, in order to recharge and reset to 100%. Our programs are designed to help you do just that – help you get the revitalizing, rejuvenating, restful sleep that you need. It’s helped millions over the years, and it’ll help you too.

Enjoy a 7-Day Complimentary Trial of the Sleep Programs that we’ve put together for you to try. Here’s a sample clip for you to enjoy right now.

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Conquer Stress…Auto-Matically

Stress is a major cause of insomnia for a lot of people. By learning to manage stress in a healthy way, sleep becomes easier and more productive. This convenient program is designed to be used while you drive or during any activity.  You’ll love the results.

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Morning and Evening Programming

A two-part audio program that will change the way you start and end your day.  You will start each morning with a positive attitude and all the energy, enthusiasm and humor you need to make each day very productive and fulfilling.  At the end of the day this will help...

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Sleep Soundly Every Night

This program is designed to be played not only while you are getting to sleep, but can also during sleep to help keep you in a deep, relaxed state of mind. The imagery and suggestions on this program will help you get a full night’s healthy sleep consistently.

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Freedom From Insomnia

You may never hear the end of this program because you will likely be enjoying a deep, healthy, restful sleep long before it is over.  It will also guide you in the technique of setting your own “mental alarm clock” which will reliably wake you up when you need, but...

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Restful, Revitalizing Sleep

If you have insomnia, this title will be your new best friend. It can help you enjoy a wonderfully peaceful night’s sleep and wake up feeling better than ever.  Its extra gentle, soothing programming promotes pleasant, productive dreams and peace of mind.

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