The secret to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is in your mind, not just in your body. Clearly, every decision you make about what, when, and how much to eat begins in your mind. Every time you decide to exercise (or not!) begins with a thought in your mind. These critical thoughts are predominately subconscious and they are driven by thought habits you’ve developed through a lifetime of programming. They reflect your core beliefs and feelings you have about yourself.

“Dieting” can lead to good short-term results, but unless you “win the mental game” of weight control, dieting will be more difficult and long-term results will be frustratingly elusive! That’s where The WiseGuide App can help!

The powerful programming in The WiseGuide App is designed to help you eliminate negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions and replace them with positive, productive ones. The app will help you build a brand new self-image, increase your self-esteem and confidence, and develop healthier habits. You’ll feel more positive and better about yourself even before you lose a single pound! And that will make losing the weight that much easier.

We’ve tested and perfected the techniques in these programs for over 45 years and they’ve helped many thousands achieve success. Below is a list of some of the titles that will help you reach your goals. We’ve also included a short sample for you to listen to.

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Walking & Active Life- Trim, Fit & Healthy

Research shows that walking can help you lose weight, improve circulation and muscle tone, relieve stress, lift your spirits and help you stay young. Walking also promotes creativity, concentration, and memory improvement. Listening to this during a long walk will help you program yourself with positive messages that give you the coaching and support you need to succeed in achieving your weight loss goals. It will also make your walking much more enjoyable.

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Super Strength Weight Loss

One of the greatest weight loss audio programs available anywhere! Based on current weight loss research, its super-powerful affirmations help you improve your eating habits and overcome cravings for fatty and junk foods while increasing your energy. This program will help you harness the power of your mind to achieve rapid, easy results.

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Stay Slim

This is more than just a weight loss program. It also helps you to maximize your attractiveness and charisma. You will see and feel a difference in yourself both physically and mentally. And you’re going to love that difference. You will glow with radiant, positive energy as you control your weight forever.

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Slim Image II

This has been our most popular program ever. Its excellent content, including emphasis on love, inner peace and self-esteem, is extremely important for successful weight loss. We believe this program has helped more people overcome weight problems than any other audio program. We’ve received countless testimonials from satisfied customers swearing to its effectiveness. If you want to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to listen to this program.

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Exercise Motivation

Recently it seems that every health professional has been raving about the many benefits of physical exercise such as a stronger, healthier heart and more effective weight control. However, many people find it difficult to start and stay with an exercise program. This audio program was created to make it easy and fun for you to exercise so you can achieve the health, energy and shape you desire.

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Effective Meditations For Weight Control

The key to permanent weight control is in your mind. Let this easy, natural method do for you what diets could never accomplish. This program employs a type of Present Moment Meditation (also known as Vipassana Meditation) through which you’ll experience a wonderful state of relaxed awareness and learn to focus your consciousness and inner resources to program your mind for better health and weight control.

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Loving Your Body

A negative concept of your physical body can cause problems with your weight, your health, and how you choose to treat your body. This audio program will help you become more aware of your physical assets and help you develop a more positive attitude while bringing out your inner beauty. You’ll be more happy to be who you are, and you’ll project a healthier, more attractive image to others.

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Automatic Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the one common trait among successful people. With this effective audio program you will learn how to painlessly break bad habits, accomplish your goals, and achieve peak performance in everything you do. You will effortlessly do what needs to be done to achieve whatever you desire. This is an excellent and enjoyable way to program yourself for success. Order now and take your first step toward a more productive and successful life!

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