R. Buckminster Fuller

Dear Bob:

Just a note of thanks.

First of all, I want to thank you for asking the Governor to issue a proclamation designating Buckminster Fuller Days in Minnesota. I enjoyed our meeting with him and the Mayor of Saint Paul when you presented A Weekend With Bucky Fuller at the University of Minnesota. It was a pleasure spending time with you and your lovely family. By the way, please remind your sons, Bobby and Jeff to take good care of those drawings I did for them. They might be quite valuable someday.

I also want to express my appreciation for your fund raising efforts to support my Dwelling Machine Project. It was very kind of you to bring potential investors to the model home in Michigan, and to meet with my staff at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lastly, I’m pleased that you were able to incorporate my theories for creative thinking and the development of human potential into the text of your audio programs. Very few people ever come close to discovering and tapping their natural creativity. Good work.

Your friend,


R. Buckminster Fuller — Philosopher, inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, conservationist, geographer, poet, etc. He is best known for the invention and design of the Geodesic Dome. Dr. Fuller holds 39 honorary degrees, as well as 818 patents in 55 countries. He has published many books, and his first book, Nine Chains to the Moon, published in 1938, continues to sell 1,000 copies a month. Bucky has often been referred to as the Leonardo de Vinci of our time.

Frank Lloyd Wright said this of Bucky: “He is a person of more absolute integrity than any other man I have known.”